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 by tdranny posted on Aug 31, 2020 22:44

sinar f1 5 x4 large format camera in near mint condition
Sinar f1 5"x4" large format camera in excellent fully functional condition. These cameras are incredibly engineered to give a light weight but stable platform, as much at home in the studio as they are on location. All functions/movements work as they should, are smooth and lock tightly, all levels are present and working. The only faults are that the rubber covers from the film back accessory holder are missing and there are a couple of superficial marks on the focussing screen, these do not effect functionality in any way. This is an actual Sinar f1, it seems that many of the advertised f1 on eBay are actually the older Sinar f. Please study the pictures for condition, all images are of the actual item(s) you are bidding on, what you see is what you are bi...
Onsale for € 326.91 and shipping from more on eBay...

 by the-latent-image posted on Aug 18, 2020 12:22

sinar binocular reflex magnifier view hood large format
For sale is a Sinar binocular reflex magnifier hood Overall Condition: Very Good Fully Functioning: Yes Body: Dents: None Scratches: Some very light signs of use Brassing: None Glass: Scratches: None Internal Dust: None Fungus : None Haze : None Our condition ratings: Mint - New unused. Near Mint - Like new but has been used. Excellent - Very minor signs of use. Very Good - Some signs of use. Good - Obvious wear but in good working order. Fair - Well used with heavy wear but fully functioning. Spares or repair - Item not working. If you have any questions or require any more photographs of this item, please do ask....
Onsale for € 131.20 and shipping from more on eBay...

 by photon-electron posted on Sep 15, 2020 13:35

sinar norma 8x10 rear standard back focusing screen assembly and bellows
Sinar Norma 8X10 Rear Standard, Back / Focusing Screen Assembly and Bellows Both the rear standard and the back / focusing screen are in excellent condition and in full working order.The bellows are generally in good condition, but they do have many small pin holes in the corners and so will require some attention to make fully light tight.All movements work smoothly and lock tightly.All 4 levels are present and working.Please message me if you have any further questions....
Onsale for € 978.53 and shipping from Spilsby, more on eBay...

 by teamworkphoto posted on Aug 19, 2020 09:57

sinar sinarback fibre optic cable 551 43 050
Sinarback Fiber Optic Cable, 551.43.050, 10m, box, NEW (jar)...
Onsale for € 82.00 and shipping from London, more on eBay...

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sinar p2 front bearer mint
Sinar P2 Front Bearer ( Mint )
£ 265.00 ends on Tuesday 13th 09:27 sinar p2 front bearer mint
sinar binocular reflex magnifier viewer hood mint
Sinar Binocular Reflex Magnifier / Viewer + Hood ( Mint )
£ 149.95 ends on Sunday 4th 10:59 sinar binocular reflex magnifier viewer hood mint
sinar clamp unit part of sinar clamping stand sinar part no 514 81
Sinar Clamp Unit (part Of Sinar Clamping Stand) - Sinar Part No : 514.81
£ 89.95 ends on Sunday 4th 10:14 sinar clamp unit part of sinar clamping stand sinar part no 514 81
sinar f2 5 x4 large format camera latest version in near mint condition
Sinar F2 5"x4" Large Format Camera, Latest Version, In Near Mint Condition
£ 475.00 ends on Wednesday 30th 22:55 sinar f2 5 x4 large format camera latest version in near mint condition

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